3D Puzzle Dollhouse with Furniture Sweet Villa Pink Villa Gift for Little Girl DIY Doll House Kit – C0304

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Inside You Will Find

The box comes with 12 big working sheets and 1 assembly instructions.
No glue necessary!
Finished Size: 34.4(L) x 27.8(W) x 35.9(H) cm

Excellent Quality Foam Punch-out and Put-together Castle

This product is made of EPS Foam (lightweight like sytrofoam, but without the little balls, not AS harmful to the environment) with printed paper on top showcasing the design.

A Great Project with Your Kid(s)

The great thing is, all you need to provide are: a plastic Baggie to collect the small cutout inserts, a toothpick to punch out all the small cutout inserts, a few hours, and finally it turns out to be a family fun night entertainment!

A Lot of Pieces to Put Together but Instructions Are Pretty Clear

Please don' t get ahead by popping out all the pieces. Just follow the included directions/diagrams to call for each piece. Much less expensive than Legos but generally the same idea of following visual directions and putting pieces together.

It Might Fits Calico Critters and Playmobil Perfectly

A castle features four rooms, two levels, porch and deck areas, one bed. Invite your play-people live in!

We Are Good at OEM Designs

We have a wide range of options: animal, flower, cartoon thing, castle, ship, and so on.
Also welcome OEM project, for we have a in-house design team (including 3D project builder, Illustrator) to meet your production needs.

Our Company

I’m Nosto

Nosto provides both new and classic games and high quality puzzles that bring couples, families and friends together to have fun without the use oftechnology. We offer puzzles for enthusiasts and for those who will benefit from puzzle therapy.Puzzles and games provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let us help you and your kids get untethered from all that electronic media for a few minutes and enjoy some real social networking!

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We Love What We Create

We have tried to put in word the ideas that motivate us as a company, the things that make us a team instead of just a collection of people who happen to work in a same place. We are happy to be a team.

Our Factory

Together We Can Accomplish Everything!

Between brainstorming, designing, prototyping and manufacturing, we make sure their vision becomes reality.

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